Tuesday, 5 March 2013

It's time for the tree.........

The Christmas tree has it's origins in early modern Germany and was brought to our pleasant Island by Price Albert during the Victorian era.  However evergreen trees were used in pre-Christian European winter rites and and also by the Ancient Egyptians, Hebrews and Chinese to symbolise eternal life.  
Today most homes and businesses have Christmas trees regardless of religion or cultural background.  The Christmas tree has become a symbol of winter and a way to indulge ourselves in the festive mood.  
With less than two weeks until the big day I thought I would help you to create the perfect Christmas tree.  A tree to instill envy from the neighbours and melt even the most scroogiest of hearts.
The idea is simple.  My inspiration has been taken from the Christmas trees that adorn the boutiques and department stores of Milan.  They really can't be beaten and the look is so easy to replicate with a couple of hours and a few inexpensive decorations. 
Choosing the right tree:
  Imgres-1You need to look for a full bodied tree with a strong triangular shape.  Your tree can be real or artificial; if you get it right the end result will be the same.  If you are going for a real tree a Norway Spruce is ideal.  If choosing a real or artificial tree look for a tree that has no spaces between branches.  A twiggy tree is never a good look.

The Lights: Imgres-2
White lights are the only way to go.  Nothing says 'tacky' like a twinkling mess of multicoloured illuminations.  White or clear lights exude a sense of style, class and purity.  The design of the tree needs to retain its simplicity so confusing the eye with lots of colours will only make it look cheap.

Imgres-1The days of stuffing tinsel all over the tree have definitely passed.  Using a simple wide ribbon and winding it around the tree from top to bottom will create a sparkly yet uncluttered decoration to the tree.  It also has a certain durability as it doesn't drop off with repeated tree knockings in the run up to the big day.

The Baubles:
Imgres-3Last but not least is the baubles.  I suggest that you stick to a tri-colour selection.  For this year I recommend gold, bronze and chocolate brown for the perfect festive combination.  Ensure none of the baubles hang down over the ribbon banding but instead only hang in between.  My final tip is don't skimp on the baubles.  You need to cram them on in a variety of different sizes but be careful not to hang too many large ones near the very top of the tree.  As an extra touch you can add a star to the top of the tree but remember to stick to the colour palette you have chosen.
Now pour yourself a glass of port into a vintage glass, crack open the turkish delight and admire your masterpiece that is your Christmas tree.
Here's one I made earlier......
Photo from 15 Dec 2012
Ribbons & Lights; Wilkinsons
Artificial trees; Argos
Baubles; Tesco Direct or John Lewis
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